You Owe IRS Taxes: What Do You Do? (Part 1)

Many individuals and businesses owe taxes to the IRS, or they have not filed their tax returns or both. While the IRS may be the most powerful creditor in the world, there are solutions. This is Part I of a series addressing the most common issues faced by taxpayers owing taxes, and what can be done. The following is a list of each blog topic, and which also includes topics on IRS Tax Audits, and also IRS Criminal Tax Investigations, as this is where tax debts with the IRS can often arise as well:

  • Unfiled Tax Returns (Part II)
  • Payment Plans (Part III)
  • Currently Not Collectible Status (Part IV)
  • Offer in Compromise (Part V)
  • Tax Lien Release and Discharges (Part VI)
  • Employment Taxes and Personal Trust Fund Liability (Part VII)
  • Innocent Spouse Relief (Part VIII)
  • Collection Due Process Appeals (IX)
  • Tax Audits (X)
  • Criminal Tax Investigations (XI)

About the Author

Erik P. Doerring
Erik leads the firm's economic development and tax practices. He is a business lawyer, with the skills of a tax litigator. Prior to joining McNair, Erik was an attorney with the IRS Office of Chief Counsel and the U.S. Department of Justice, Tax Division.